Healing Circle – Money Trauma


We all seem to struggle with our financial realities at some point in life and hold limiting beliefs. We also have a story with money but just a few of us realize that this story comes from our families and forefathers. We carry fate with money from our ancestors without having conscious realisation of that. Have you ever considered that:

  • Your current money reality could be a byproduct of tragedies and traumas that comes from your family
  • Your success and failures could be a result of intergenerational traumas
  • Your lack of financial abundance may have roots in your parent’s life

The good news is that our Healing Circle gives you the opportunity to eliminate the blocks to money that you may be unconsciously carrying, using tested process. You can benefit if you:

  • If you are facing financial losses
  • If you are unable to make enough money
  • If you are thinking of starting a business
  • If you lend money to someone and never get it back
  • If you overspend and are out of money by the end of the month
  • If you can’t sustain a job or feel are underpaid
  • If you have unexplained fear, guilt or shame associated with money

Get in touch with us to know more about our healing circles and be ready to change your money reality

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