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What is hypnotherapy? How can it benefit me?

Hypnotherapy is a technique that is used to create a relaxed sleep-like state of mind (theta state) during which positive suggestions and guided imagery can be well received to help you deal with a variety of concerns, issues and habits you want to change. You are completely in control when under hypnosis and don’t have to take on any suggestions if you don’t want to. A normal human being goes through hypnosis at least twice a day just before s/he fall asleep and just when s/he about to wake up. These are also known as power states in which the subconscious mind is most receptive to positive suggestions.

Sabahat Ahmed is a Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy who is adept at using advanced techniques such as past life regression, gestalt, six step reframe, etc. to address deeper issues and drive transformational changes.

Click the link below to watch the live recording explaining the myths & misconceptions of hypnotherapy:

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