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"We empower you to overcome negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and live a more meaningful life."

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Emotional Health

There may be times when you your emotional guards are down and you become vulnerable to stresses, fears, insecurities & misfortunes of life. That is when  mental and emotional strength can become sub par and result in losing the direction in life. With our holistic integrated approach using NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Healing & Life Coaching, we help you tackle stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, grief, trauma, negative emotions and behaviors so that you can regain control and achieve your goals.

Self Development

In the increasingly competitive times of today where business landscapes are evolving, there is a need for us to be able to move with the times. This is only possible when we continue to reflect and take initiative to build on upskill and reskill. Through our professional mentoring & coaching approach, we provide expert guidance and equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources that make you resilient in the workplace and help achieve your aspirations. Whether you are a seasoned leader or a young graduate at the start of your career, we can help you become an even better version of yourself.


Weight Management

Most of us have good intention when it comes to eating right and exercising more often and most of the time we know the basics of what to include and what to avoid for a healthy lifestyle. But even with the best of intentions, we often end up derailing our progress when we are faced with negative emotions. The reasons may be deeper than we think. Maintaining optimum weight and good health is an uphill battle for everyone but with emotional struggles it becomes even more difficult. We take an integrated approach to help you remove emotional blocks that cause conditions like IBS, Bulimia & Anorexia and to achieve and sustain weight loss goals.


The Ashmir Method






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Upcoming Events

The Healing Circle

Regain Control of Your Emotional Health

Saturday 12th Febuary 2022
10.30am to 6.30pm 
District 12, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai
AED 600 for Case Resolution I AED300 for Representation

We are born into and belong to a family system where we are not only bonded by blind deep love, we may also be entangled in unresolved transgenerational issues.

Our Healing Circle is an experiential journey using a multi-dimensional process based on the principles of systemic or family constellations therapy. We apply a scientific methodology to shift repetitive destructive patterns of suffering and unhappiness and the results are phenomenal.

The person, who has the issue to resolve, selects representatives from within the group and positions them in the space in order to activate the knowing field, also known as the morphogenic field. As the story unfolds and situations emerges, blocks shift and healing takes place. You can bring an issue to resolve or choose to participate for others which can bring healing effects for you too.

So, if you are ready to clear unconscious blocks affecting your physical & emotional health, relationships, financial growth, progression and other aspects of your life and set new life-changing perspectives in motion, register for the circle now at 0544600382 or email

Note: Spaces are limited in line with Covid19 guidelines and you must present proof of vaccination to attend.


When I came to the Healing Circle I still had this deep down belief that I was not worthy of true love. That belief has 100% disappeared. Not even a thing on my head, heart and soul. The shift is amazing!

After attending the Healing Circle, I got rid of my anxiety, and it boosted my confidence so much. Gave me a strong positive mindset towards the element of money. The session also brought me a positive feeling towards my rejected parent. I defintely recommend the Healing Circle and I am thankful that I was a part of it. it was 10/10!

Was surprised at how real the experience was. I was not sure that it would work but amazed at how strong the connection was. Seeing is believing!