"We provide transformational life coaching support to stressed individuals; empowering them to overcome negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and achieve health, career and life goals."

Who Are We?

Ashmir is a collaborative effort by Sabahat Ahmed and Aamir Ali, offering transformational coaching services across the globe from Dubai. Our aim is to provide a safe space and professional support for you to tackle emotional setbacks that hinder your ability to function normally. We understand that getting caught up in a vicious cycle of negative emotions can be unhealthy and can make you doubt your ability to deal with simple day to day situations in life. Physical signs become visible, decisions become ineffective, the results we get are sub-par and life becomes somewhat of a struggle. This is when we can help!

Sabahat Ahmed

Award Winning Transformation Coach - Senior Member ACCPH I Master Practitioner NLP & Hypnotherapy I NNRT Specialist I Reiki Master I Senior HR Consultant - MCIPD

“Like many of us, I have had my share of highs and lows in life. I lost my father at an early age and my only brother to cancer not very long ago. The emotional journey as a single mother of two wonderful boys and powering through financial struggles by no means has been easy. I was fortunate to have the support structure to help me get back on my feet and because of this, the journey was much smoother and my wellbeing was not compromised. I experienced the effectiveness of CAM therapies such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, theta Healing and others  first-hand in pursuit to overcome limiting beliefs and discover my self-worth.

I am also a senior HR and Talent Development expert with 20+ years of professional experience gained from working with government and corporate sector organisations, at a strategic and operational level, across UK, UAE & the wider Middle East region. With the diversity of my experience, I am well positioned to guide you through personal and professional journeys by building emotional resilience so you can achieve your goals.  

If you are someone with a desire to make a positive change and looking for the right solution, I am here to help! With the skills, expertise, experience and qualifications, I can provide you with the right level of support so you have the confidence to step up and make that change you need to create the life you desire.”

Aamir Ali

Certified Life Coach I Member ACCPH UK

“Life is crazy as it is and from a very young age, I learnt this the hard way. But as a wise man once said, “the only way is the way forward” and that is what I did! I reconnected with myself only to redefine it the way I wanted life to be.

I have always had the passion to help others and find that just by listening with empathy and building confidence, I have been able to help people achieve much more in life. I believe that everyone deserves the best in life and the power to achieve optimum results lies within.

With the diversity of my experience and exposure, I am well-positioned to support your development journey.”

We Promise...