Trauma and Griefx
Trauma can be caused by a number of unfortunate reasons; death of a loved one, violence, accidents, wars, terrorist attacks and so on. Regardless of the nature of the incident, such unprecedented traumatic events can leave you feel lost; like the world has come to an end and there is no way to put things back together. Naturally, these emotions lead to anxiety as you worry about the future and how to discover the best path for moving forward. Research suggests that approximately 40% of bereaved people struggle with an anxiety disorder in the first year following the death of a loved one. Learning how to process grief during Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) recovery can be a crucial element in healing.
Grief Expert Dr. Alan Wolfert, Director of the Center For Loss and Life Transition and author of The Journey Through Grief: Reflections on Healing (Routledge), explains that “grief is our internal response, but what integrates loss and helps us release toward the light of reconciliation is to find safe people and places that allow us to mourn. Mourning as distinguished from grief is the shared response to loss; grief gone public.”
According to Wolfelt, there are six steps that can help you transform grief slowly and at your own pace:
At Ashmir by Sabahat Ahmed, we use Hypnotherapy and Reiki Healing in a positive, supportive, tender, and empathetic environment in order to facilitate this process, cut ties with the trauma and help heal your soul because we understand it is important to be able to move forward while feeling safe and in control.
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