Anxiety & Stress
Stress is a natural “fight-or-flight” mechanism that can tell us when and how to respond to danger. However, if this mechanism is triggered too easily, or when there are too many stressors at one time, it can negatively impact our mental and physical health.

In today’s agile environment, we are faced with a number of stressors such as unemployment, finances, relationship breakdowns, past experiences etc. and before we know it we are not able to cope with simple day to day matters. The situation can lead us in a doom and gloom state of mind.

Medication for anxiety, stress & depression has its own side effects, hence, alternative CAM therapies such as NLP, hypnotherapy, NNRT, Reiki etc. have proven successful in managing negative emotions. At Ashmir by Sabahat Ahmed, we take a holistic well-being approach and facilitate behavior changes to help overcome any of the 3 levels of stress

Level 1: Anxiety Attacks & Panic Disorders
Palpitations, breathlessness and discomfort in the heart are typical signs of level 1 stress that can be triggered by one or more stimulus at any point in time. This level of stress must be taken seriously as an alarm or a warning because if noticed at an early stage, it can be managed through simple yet effective CAM techniques such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, EFT & NNRT.

Level 2: Resistance – Doom & Gloom
If the alarming signals to your body go unnoticed, body and mind naturally progresses to the next level of stress. The parasympathetic system tries hard to return to the pre-stress levels, causing a chemical imbalance in the body causing fatigue, low self-esteem, laziness, body aches, migraines, emotional release etc. To manage level 2 stress, we will follow the same regime as level 1 stress in the first 4 sessions followed by an additional 4 sessions to resolve deeper embedded causes of stress.

Level 3: Burnout – Black Mood State
This is the most critical stage of stress where symptoms become persistent and start reflecting a depressive state of mind with no desire to do anything, go out or socialize. It is difficult to get out of bed and anxiety is experienced in simple day to day situations.

Our Approach
Our approach is tailored to suit individual needs which is determined by conducting initial diagnostics to identify the stress triggers and health assessments such as DASS stress test. Once the level of stress, underlying reasons and the desired behaviour change is analyzed, we address the issue using the most suitable tools.
We provide literature, guidelines, audios and videos where required along with any remote support and referrals to any medical professionals, nutritionists, gyms & personal trainers etc. to reinforce positive behaviour changes. For conditions such as Bipolar Depression, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy etc., it is advised to consult your physician and seek consent or medication to support treatment before proceeding with our therapies.
What Next?
Contact us for an initial consultation, totally free of charge! Once mutually agreed to proceed, sessions can be booked as a single session or as our Bronze, Silver or Gold package at discounted prices, depending on the level of stress we are tackling. Costs of any laboratory tests are not included in our pricing plans.
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